Clement safety, 1894-1895

I photographed this marvellous and original Clément & Cie.  safety in the museum of the Batavus bicycle works in Heerenveen, Netherlands.
The bike has its original transfer, frame number is 42303. Because of the front brake, I think it's made in 1894-1895. One of the last bikes with the sloping top tube. The two pages you see are from the 1895 catalogue.
Originally it had pneumatic tubes fitted. I guess rims are original, but tires are not. Mudguards are missing - which is a well-known problem with safeties - but the catalogue tells us people had to pay extra for mudguards and brake. So maybe this customer didn't need the fenders?

Beautiful bike and one of the most original safeties in the Batavus museum. Just wish they had taken off the carbide lamp, which is simply too modern for this bike.

I made a page about the Clément serial numbers. Click here.